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Visiting Piedras Negras…

Piedras Negras is the main border city in the state of Coahuila, situated right in front of the city of Eagle Pass, Texas. Through Piedras Negras, visitors from outside the country can get to the state and find a very modern border city.

This region in the north of Coahuila has different tourist attractions; you can find hunting ranches with magnificent facilities for hunting, an important thermoelectric plant, the modern Technological University and an important hotel and commercial infrastructure.

In addition to all this, Piedras Negras is the birthplace of several popular characters, including Laura Esquivel, author of different novellas, the most famous one “Como Agua para Chocolate”, a classic of Mexican literature and cinema.

And we cannot forget to mention: Piedras Negras is the world capital of the Nacho! This famous snack was created here in 1943 by Mr. Ignacio Anaya to receive a distinguished group of diners that were visiting him.

What to Visit in Piedras Negras…

Historic Centre.

Undoubtedly, the Historic Centre of Piedras Negras is the place to admire the most representative buildings in the city, lovely architecture and great history. Among the main buildings of this area is the Antiguo Hotel del Ferrocarril, Former Municipal Presidency, Zaragoza Market, House of Culture, the PRONAF building and the Mail and Customs buildings.

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Old yet firm religious precinct, capable of resisting the attacks of the 1927 Cristero movement and an explosion in 1934. Its construction dates back to 1859, being originally made out of cement and wood, event when one year after the explosion a final remodeling took place.


The Macroplaza contains several tourist attractions for all tastes and ages: from kids’ playing area to an acoustic area for events. Among the many places to enjoy you’ll find parks and gardens, a kiosk, sporting areas, tower with clock and the monuments of Los Fundadores and the Discovery of America. To make your time even more pleasant you’ll find snacks selling.

Plaza de Las Tres Culturas.

This incredible place blends elements of the Mayan, Azteca and Olmec cultures, perfectly outfitting it with comfortable spaces for tourism. It’s a great effort to make replicas of some of the main archaeological sites in the country.

Mission of San Bernardo.

In the first years of the XVIII century, an order of Franciscans built this temple, nowadays in ruins that enclose the beauty and mystery of an ancient era. The Mission of San Bernardo was part of the Franciscan Mission Complex of Rio Grande del Norte, headed by the Captain Diego Roman, who, at its time, attacked the rebel Indians of the region that now is San Antonio, Texas.



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